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Vegas Supernatural, June Edward, Massachusetts Medium

Posted on July 4, 2018 at 5:15 AM Comments comments (0)

NOW, This is how a LIVE online Paranormal Radio Show closes out the long holiday weekend! THE EVENT of Vegas Supernatural Summer 2018 is about to take place this coming Monday July 9th, 2018!! The Angels and our loved ones on the other side are speaking to us BUT, we are just not listening!!! An Intuitive Psychic/ Medium since she was very young, my next guest is a truly gifted woman who has the ability to help us hear and relay those messages to us. She is simply known as The Massachusetts Medium, The One and Only "JUNE EDWARD" LIVE with Rev. Shawn Whittington on an All New Vegas Supernatural, Monday July 9th, 2018 at 5 P.M. Pacific/ 8 P.M. Eastern ONLY ON (VEGAS SUPERNATURAL IS A LIVE ALL THINGS PARANORMAL RADIO SHOW ON MONDAYS!)......... God bless, Rev. Shawn "The Rev." Whittington. 

Vegas Supernatural, Ryan O'Neill, Haunted Scotland

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KILTS,,, Wear Em' If You Got Em'?! NOW, this is the way an online Paranormal Radio Show Kicks Off The Long 4th of July Weekend!! I'll take the  High Road and You all take the Low Road and we will all meet in Kirkcaldy, Fife in Bonnie Ole' Haunted Scotland!!! Make way Lads and Lassies,,, there's a Clansman comin' through,,, Founder and Owner of Scottish Paranormal AND Haunted Scotland, From Most Haunted Fame, Elite Paranormal Investigator, "RYAN O'NEILL" with Rev. Shawn Whittington on the next All New Vegas Supernatural - MONDAY JULY 2ND, 2018 at 5 P.M. Pacific/ 8 P.M. Eastern ONLY ON (VEGAS SUPERNATURAL IS AN ONLINE ALL THINGS PARANORMAL RADIO SHOW ON MONDAYS)!!!! Thank you all for the continued support, God bless, Rev. Shawn......... 

Worldwide Bible College & Theological Seminary

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ENROLLMENT OPEN NOW - By Appointment of The Worldwide Bible College & Theological Seminary - "Introduction to Spiritual Warfare and Paranormal Ministry" 16-week Online Course for three college credits toward a college degree. Teacher- Reverend Shawn Whittington/ Ordained Exorcism-Deliverance Minister Advanced Practice with The American Association of Exorcists and The American Society of Exorcists. For information on enrollment contact -,  [email protected] or [email protected] For all those that have been in, or are currently engaged in battle with the father of lies, and for those who feel a calling to this ministry. I welcome with all my heart and soul the opportunity to meet and mentor each and every one of my students. God bless, Rev. Shawn.     

Vegas Supernatural, Sharon Day, Ghosts & Zombie Housewives & The Foot Oh My

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In the re-make of The Fly, Gena Davis told a woman with Jeff Goldbloom, "Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid"! She was actually referring to my next guest!! Theories are like,,, WELL, you know everybody's got one. BUT, only one person has GHOST HUNTING THEORIES!!! She grew up with Ghosts, She has her own extraterrestrial,, She went on a date with Sasquatch,,, AND NOW SHE'S RETURNING TO VEGAS SUPERNATURAL!!!! I don't know about all of you BUT, I Needed My SHARON DAY FIX!!!!! Sharon Day - Psychic, Blogger,, Author and Paranormal Authority,,, LIVE with "The Rev." on an All New Vegas Supernatural this coming MONDAY JUNE 25th, 2018 @ 5 P.M. Pacific/ 8 P.M. Eastern ONLY ON Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid........... (THIS IS A LIVE ONLINE ALL THINGS PARANORMAL RADIO SHOW)   

Vegas Supernatural, Susan Ahearn, Father's Day Psychic Style

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"HAPPY Father's Day 2018"! The HAPPY Medium!! Cape Cod's ONLY Psychic/ Medium Radio Personality, The Always HAPPY "Susan Ahearn", giving LIVE On-Air Readings and Father's Day Messages from Beyond!!! Hosted by Rev. Shawn Whittington. NOW, That Makes ME HAPPY!!!!, "The Rev." She has quickly become a fan and listener favorite simply because of her TRUE GIFT of communicating with Spirit. Always a fun time when Susan comes to visit AND "The Rev." has a really big announcement to make??!!!.... DON'T MISS THIS ONE!!!!! Monday June 18th, 2018 at 5 P.M. Pacific/ 8 P.M. Eastern ONLY ON Vegas Supernatural AND ONLY ON (THIS IS A LIVE ONLINE ALL THINGS PARANORMAL RADIO SHOW!)........

Vegas Supernatural, Tim Swartz, Exploring The Swartz

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NOT So Scary One TIM At A Time?! This Time, Vegas Supernatural Summer 2018 goes Exploring The Swartz with Exploring The Bizarre's very own "Tim Swartz"!! Ghosts, Aliens,, Cryptids,,, Angels and Demons and who knows what you might get with The Swartz?!! Legendary Paranormal Authority, Author,, Radio/ T.V. and Film Personality Mr. Tim Swartz LIVE with "The Rev." on an All New Vegas Supernatural, MONDAY June 11th, 2018 at 5 P.M. Pacific/ 8 P.M. Eastern ONLY ON THIS IS A LIVE ALL THINGS PARANORMAL RADIO SHOW ON 

Vegas Supernatural, Fred Kanney, Squatch Whisperer

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VEGAS SUPERNATURAL SUMMER 2018 KICKS OFF THIS MONDAY JUNE 4TH, 2018! Viginia recently changed it's slogan. It now reads, "Virginia is for Squatch Lovers"!! And The Foot seems to Love Fred right back!!! "Fred Kanney" Squatch Whisperer on the next all New LIVE Vegas Supernatural this coming Monday June 4th, 2018 at 5 P.M. Pacific/ 8 P.M. Eastern ONLY ON Fred is currently one of the leading researchers in the Bigfoot and Cryptozoology Communities. Fred has been living among several clans of Squatch which inhabit the heavily wooded mountain areas right outside his property lines in the great state of Virginia. He has an uncanny way about himself that attracts juvinile Sasquatches to his campsites ALL THE TIME!!!! That shows not only a sense of trust between Fred and these young Squatch BUT, the mature ones too to allow this rare interaction to take place. Perhaps Fred is becomming one of the family??!!!.... DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE,,, FRED IS ONE OF THE MOST LISTENER REQUESTED GUESTS ON VEGAS SUPERNATURAL..........  

Vegas Supernatural, Jereme Leonard, The Cajun Demonologist Returns

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The Loupgarou, Vodoo,, Bayou Witches,,, Haunted Plantations! An area of the country INFESTED WITH SPIRIT!! Many consider Louisiana to be The Devil's Playground?!! Where else would I go to find The Cajun Demonologist??!!!.... Television and Film Personality, Author,, Extreme Paranormal Experiencer AND Soldier for Christ,,, The One and Only "JEREME LEONARD" (The Cajun Demonologist), LIVE with Rev. Shawn Whittington on an All New Special Memorial Day Edition of Vegas Supernatural - MONDAY May 28th, 2018 at 5 P.M. Pacific/ 8 P.M. Eastern ONLY ON!!! (Vegas Supernatural is a LIVE online All Things Paranormal Radio Show on MONDAYS!).............

Vegas Supernatural, Steve Mera, The Onstellar Phenomena

Posted on May 16, 2018 at 2:45 AM Comments comments (0)

THATS RIGHT! You all want him,,, I Got Him!! The Legend, Mr. Para/Ufologist,, The only man I know on a first name basis with The Greys on The UK Landing Fleet!!! Author, T.V.Host,, CEO Phenomena Magazine AND Co-Creator of OnStellar Social Media,,, The One and Only "Mr. Steve Mera" on the next All New Vegas Supernatural with Host Rev. Shawn "The Rev." Whittington - MONDAY May. 21st, 2018 at 5 P.M. Pacific/ 8 P.M. Eastern ONLY ON (THIS AN ONLINE ALL THINGS PARANORMAL RADIO SHOW ON MONDAYS!).........  

Vegas Supernatural, Mary Sutherland, Unusual Phenomena

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PACK YOUR BAGS! GRAB YOUR PARANORMAL RESEARCH GEAR!! We're going on An Unknown Expedition even Josh Gates would be proud of AND a little jealous too!!! You all are so not ready for her,,, where do I start,,, SHE is a leader in all branches of The Paranormal Community. An accomplished Author, a highly sought after Lecturer, Elite Paranormal Researcher, Alternate Archaeologist AND Astro Physicist!!! YEAH, I KNOW!!!! As founder of Wisconsin Paranormal and creator of Burlington, SHE is just about everyone's Go To Gal for ALL THINGS PARANORMAL. It is my pleasure to announce "Colonel Mary Sutherland" LIVE on an All New Vegas Supernatural - MONDAY May 14th, 2018 at 5 P.M. Pacific/ 8 P.M. Eastern ONLY ON (THIS IS A LIVE ONLINE PARANORMAL RADIO SHOW). This could very well be THAT EPISODE that changes how you look at what you thought you knew about many of today's Unexplainable Phenomena..........God Bless, "The Rev."