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[***ITS OFFICIAL*** 'Eli Roth Presents: The Legion of Exorcists' Thursday nights at 10 P.M. Premiering Thursday June 1st, 2023 on Travel Channel, Discovery+/ MAX. I began working on this project before the pandemic. Nice to see it finally come to fruition. Feeling blessed to be a member of the cast. Great Team!] The Ministry in Las Vegas, Nevada. Shawn Whittington is an Ordained Exorcist, devout Catholic and a Seminarian in The United States Old Catholic Church. His wife Sharon is a near death experience survivor, a certified Stephen Minister through the Lutheran Church, and a sensitive/ intuitive. (Both have suffered and survived severe demonic attacks.) They are a husband and wife ghost busting team based in Las Vegas, Nevada with over 40 years combined experience. The team is fully equipped to perform a thorough paranormal investigation if needed. But, (The Ministry), strives to go one step further than just ghost hunting. We specialize in getting rid of that extra unwanted guest in your home. (The Ministry), has helped many Las Vegas families over the years get their lives and their homes back. Trouble of a paranormal or demonic nature can be quite disturbing, and unless you have gone through it yourself, you can't quite know what it is like. Therefore, all inquiries are confidential, and we DO NOT CHARGE for Our Ministry Work, but DONATIONS are welcome to cover out of pocket expenses. To reach us here, go to our contact us page, e-mail or fill in your information. ***(OPEN ENROLLMENT NOW - 'Introduction to Spiritual Warfare Course' is a 12-Week (ONLINE) College Level Course complete with a stunning Diploma suited for framing. Teacher, Shawn Whittington. For more information on course syllabus, contact Shawn at OR, click on the "Introduction to Spiritual Warfare Course/ Book" tab at top of home page. Payment for enrollment in the course can be made HERE on that page through Pay Pal.)*** [For Spiritual Issues NOT related to the paranormal, PLEASE Don't forget to schedule an appointment for Certified Spiritual Advisor Intuitive Coach - Listener, click on "Spiritual Advisor" tab at top of home page]. "HEY, buy one or both of my books while you're here, part of the proceeds go to support St. Jude's and the ASPCA"! Thank you and God bless, Shawn 'THE REV'...  


[*(((ALL NEW* FRIDAY Sept. 29th, 2023, Papa Gallo from Gallo Family Ghost Hunters, "BOBBY J. GALLO" on the next 'Shawn Whittington's Paranormal Ministry LIVE 2.0'!))) Televised and Broadcast LIVE 2-NIGHTS A WEEK from "The Rev's" Haunted Home FRIDAYS at 2 P.M. Pac/ 4 P.M. Cent/ 5 P.M. East ***AND ALSO MONDAY NIGHTS*** at 5 P.M. Pac/ 7 P.M. Cent/ 8 P.M. East!))) (((***Monday Sept. 25th, 2023 'HAPPY MEDIUM MONDAY' W/ "SUSAN AHEARN"! TUNE-IN LIVE for your (FREE LIVE On-Air Psychic Reading)!! WATCH The LIVE Stream on 'Shawn Whittington's Paranormal Ministry LIVE 2.0' Facebook LIVE Page/ 'Reverend Shawn Whittington' YouTube Channel, 'THINGS Network', 'pACT-Podcasting for All Coming Together Channel', 'Temple of Phoenix Rising Entertainment' and "Skeleton Key Network' F.B. LIVE Pages]     

[*2023 IS GOING TO ROCK!!! Keep the New Year Rollin' On with The Rev!!!] /// *Thank you all for the continued support*/// God Bless, Reverend Shawn Whittington. (FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK) (((ENROLL HERE - 'Introduction to Spiritual Warfare Online Course' Instructor "THE REV".)))  

("LIKE" OUR PAGE - ALSO ON F.B.) *BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - "God, Ghosts and The Paranormal Ministry". A Supernatural and Spiritual Autobiography by Rev. Shawn Patrick Whittington AVAILABLE NOW! Purchase an Autographed Author's Copy HERE enclosed in a beautiful House Blessing Kit!!!!!! *BIG ANNOUNCEMENT 2 - Book 2 in the series, "God, Ghosts and The Paranormal Ministry 2" Chronicles of an American Exorcist by Shawn Whittington AVAILABLE NOW HERE and Amazon! *** SUBSCRIBE NOW*** - A NEW You-Tube Channel in Town,,, "Reverend Shawn Whittington" SUBSCRIBE TODAY!!! ***ITS OFFICIAL*** 'Eli Roth Presents: The Legion of Exorcists' STREAMING ON MAX and Discovery+.  BUY the complete Season 1 (All 6 Episodes), at Amazon Prime Video! *LIKE THE SHOW?,,, GO TO Travel Channel and REQUEST A SEASON 2*...   

(LIVE Twice a Week) 'Shawn Whittington's Paranormal Ministry LIVE 2.0' MONDAYS at 5 P.M. Pac and FRIDAYS at 2 P.M. Pac./// You Tube and Facebook LIVE..... 

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